Just because digital is possible doesn’t mean you don’t need a backup.

Give EU citizens physical proof of settled status.

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A Physical Backup to Digital Status

Imagine it’s 1984 2021 and you urgently need a job or are looking for a place to live, and as part of the process, you need to prove you have the right to live in the UK. 

But your passport is no longer enough after the UK has left the EU, and you have no biometric residence card as proof – just a code to enter into the Home Office database.

Just as the landlord or employer logs on to check your ID, the system crashes, and you are passed over for someone else whose proof is easier to check. 

And that’s not all – to get that code in the first place, you need not only your passport but also access to the right email address or mobile number that the status was originally linked to.

If someone else helped you set this up, perhaps years ago, can you imagine the stress of trying to deal with the Home Office website just to prove you have the right to live and work?  

That may be part of daily life for many EU citizens after 31 December this year, as the only group of foreign residents in the UK with digital-only immigration status and no backup option of physical proof. 

We need your help to make the government change its mind so we can get a physical backup that we can hold in our hands!


Join us and we will email you throughout the campaign with different ways in which you can help.

Get involved as much as you like or as little as you can spare.

We’ll be explaining how you can help on social media, how you can tell your story, and most importantly how you can write to your MP from your sofa or together with a local team.

And of course, you can always help you by donating to our crowdfunder!

Time is running out and we have a lot of mobilising, writing and awareness-raising to do!

United We Are Stronger

We started out as a small yet diverse group of Europeans and Brits, from bartenders to lawyers, alarmed at the prospect of people having lawful status but struggling to prove their rights to work, housing, education, help or healthcare, as happened during the Windrush scandal. Other vital work has been done already by tirelessly campaigning through peaceful means such as writing emails, mounting petitions, writing to MPs and the media, public advocacy, demonstrations and protest. Still, the Government refuses to back down. We will seek actively to build new alliances with groups, organisations and individuals who share and support our goals so that we can build power together and, through fun and effective nonviolent action, put a physical proof of status into the hands of all EU citizens living in the UK.

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Who We Are

Home is where you feel like home. The UK has become our home. That’s why this campaign is so close to our heart. We are not only Europeans, we are also Brits and together we are campaigning for a future where we can thrive together and no one is left behind.

Ever since 2016, we have been working passionately and tirelessly simply to be able to continue our lives as before.

The Vote Leave campaign promised there would be no change for us already living here and that we would be treated no less favourably than before.

Vote Leave's Promise that EU citizens will be treated no less favourably

This campaign for physical proof of our status is no exception – we need a physical backup of our proof of status precisely to be treated no less favourably than in the past, and to have equality of access to opportunity.

The consequences of a digital-only status will affect many, and for a very long time. A baby being given status now under a parent’s email address may only start struggling to prove their status fifteen, twenty years from now.  

So we fight on. Join us!