Contact your MP

In short…

  • WHO: write to your MP (and/or phone/tweet/meet them) – find out their name and email address here
  • WHAT: whatever you want to write, keep it personal, you can find guidance here and a personal example here. If you have already written to the House of Lords you can send your MP the same letter!
  • WHY: include a link to our briefing
  • WHEN: by the 19th of October, the House of Commons will decide whether to keep the amendment passed by the House of Lords.
  • PLEASE: help us keep count by telling us you wrote to, spoke to, or visited your MP here
  • TO SEE HOW WE’RE DOING: check out our league table here

…but if you want a bit more detail

As you know, the House of Lords passed an amendment, now called clause 8, to the Immigration Bill to get us a physical backup of our status. Thanks to your amazing demonstration of real people power, over 3700 emails were sent! As a direct result, the amendment was passed with a huge majority. The bill will now go back to the House of Commons on Monday 19th October, where MPs will decide whether to keep clause 8 or not.

So now it’s crucial to get your MP to be vocally supportive of this clause so that the Government is put under more and more pressure to change their policy.

From now until the 19th of October, is the time to start flooding those MPs’ inboxes to persuade them that they must support this clause for a physical document to prove our status. The more people who write to each MP, the better.

Calling their office to pressure them to hear your concerns can be an even faster and more effective approach – you can find how to do it here.

If you can convince a friend to write to their MP, please do! Particularly those who live in Conservative constituencies.

We need you to write short, simple emails explaining why, personally, this is so important to you. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t faced a challenge yet with the digital status or that you are not European. What matters, is that MPs get their inboxes filled with emails asking for physical proof and telling them briefly why this is so dear to you.

Personal emails are much better and more effective than copy-pasted emails. Not only because personalised stories touch hearts but also to avoid AI systems in mailboxes picking up on copy-pasted emails. If you find it helpful to have a bit of a template though, we have created one here. You can also find another sample email here, written by our incredible Laurence. We hope that this helps you get inspired and type your heart out! As you can see it matches the three requirements: short, personal and with a very clear demand.

What else do I need to know? 

  • If you are happy to, please also include the link to the3million’s briefing in your email: It has a great image within it to show how a digital check depends on so many moving parts. If any one part fails, the whole check fails!

  • Please fill in this really simply short form to tell us that you have written to your MP so we can then update the spreadsheet with how many emails each MP has been sent. We will only use this information to anonymously keep count. We will not use your email for anything else.  You can see the results here!

It’s time to get typing!

The passing of the physical document amendment in the Lords sent a powerful message to the Government: they need to think again about denying EU citizens the option of a physical document. But now we face a new challenge: with the Conservatives having a 78-seat majority in Parliament, we need to apply pressure to the right people.

Writing to your MP is important no matter what party they’re from, even if you think they are already supportive. It gives your MP more evidence to fight and vocalise the urgency of this physical backup. However it is especially vital to write to Conservative MPs so we can change their minds.

Without any further delay, it’s time to get typing, get your family, friends, neighbours and colleagues to take action!

Spread the word, and get writing!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us (you can email us at info [at] with any questions, we are here to support you every step of the way.